Acorn fed ham w fresh fig rocket salad lemon mascapone cream

Cooks & Partners Top Ten Favourite Winter Canapes

Winter is all about comforting food, warmth and indulgence, and when it comes to entertaining the food you choose makes all the difference.  Guests are coming from all over and no doubt braving the elements to get there, so tantalise their taste buds and help to make it well worth the effort.

The Cooks & Partners team of chefs and event managers have toiled, tasted, scrutinised and tasted again to bring you the most mouth-watering winter menu delights.  We want to share some of these with you.

Here’s our personal Top 10 favourite winter canapés and why:

1.  Acorn fed ham with a fresh fig and rocket salad and lemon mascarpone cream
Packed full of flavour and colour. A wheat free canapé using ham as a base, so perfect when catering for diverse guests. It’s a bit different, it’s fun and we always think there is something festive about figs!

  2.  Walnut sour dough with chicken liver parfait and quince and port jelly
Anything with port makes me think of winter indulgence, good suppers and warm houses…

3.  Bacon and camembert croquettes with date and fig chutney
Warm, filling, winter comfort. Something to get you through those Christmas party hangovers!

4.  Classic lobster bisque with a roasted onion shard served in porcelain shots
A true classic. Warming, smells divine and has a lovely rich consistency. Shots make for just the correct quantity for a perfect hit of luxury ingredients. Acts as a lovely hand warmer as well!

5.  Mini smoked haddock scotch egg with a chunky heritage tomato dip
Something fun for everyone. When halved, the yellow of the egg looks fun and vibrant. Served warm makes for great tasty winter comfort. Interactive food with the chunky dip.

6.  Quail eggs with an assortment of infused dipping salts
Should be in ‘The cheat’s guide to canapés’ extremely straight forward but looks absolutely wonderful and satisfies all taste buds as you are able to offer assortments of salts. A very chic and elegant looking canapé. Fun and interactive. Perfect canapé to serve at home. Healthier option for the winter season and veggie friendly. Experiment away!

7.  Ashed goats cheese bon bon with a chive and walnut crust and sour damson relish
The smell of cooked walnuts always makes me think of winter and Christmas time. Combined with one of my favourite things of all time – goat’s cheese, and finished with a pretty damson relish, makes for completely perfect canapé! Served on a crystal stick which also adds to the visual effect.

8.  Wild mushroom arancini with roasted garlic, thyme and lemon butter sauce
Excellent vegetarian option. Arancini, are stuffed rice balls which are coated with breadcrumbs and fried.  Warming, packed with flavour and interactive with the dip. Garlic and thyme is a great winter combination and smells wonderful.

9.  Peanut butter whoopee pies with salted caramel
Wouldn’t be winter without a few extra pounds! This is a mouthful of total naughtiness but complete happiness. Melt in the mouth flavours, dusting of icing sugar adds to a winter vibe. Very easy to serve but disappear quickly! Great for younger generation and even better for older as brings back childhood days of tasty, naughty sweet things!

10.  Sour cherry Bakewell tartlets
Fun twist on a classic dish. Served with bright pink chopped cherries so looks very pretty and dainty. Completely delicious and oozing with incredible flavour

“And what about drinks?” I hear you cry….

In the winter rather the serve a cold soft drink on arrival, why not have something hot to warm up your guests? My favourite option here is a hot spiced fresh orange juice. Packed full of vitamin c to help fight off those winter colds, it’s tasty, seasonal and something completely different. I usually add honey, ginger and nutmeg which gives it an amazing aroma. Suitable for all ages and alcohol free. A nice alternative to a hot chocolate or mulled wine and certainly healthier!  

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