Case History 2

Reception and dancing to celebrate the 125th company anniversary, Dean's Yard, Westminster

To celebrate this international company's 125th anniversary, we created a luxuriously spacious marquee event in Westminster's cloistered and exclusive Dean's Yard for over 600 guests to enjoy.

The theme was food in the past century, with four eras chosen - Victorian Empire, The Roaring Twenties, Glam Rock and Nouvelle Cuisine. We created eye-catching individual food stations and bars to reflect the different periods. From a classic "Wind in the Willows" picnic display to a silver food stand with table legs replaced by giant platform shoes that would not have looked out of place on Elton John in 1973.

Our waiting staff passed around food bowls and canapés from each era, including bubbling Swiss cheese and cider fondue with crudités and bread dips, deep fried whitebait in newspaper cones, hand raised guinea fowl and ham picnic pie with pickled cucumber relish, lobster and cauliflower mousseline amuse-bouches, black forest gateaux and floating islands.