Cooks and Partners are committed to reducing our carbon footprint, reducing waste and emissions in all areas of our operation.

Food and other suppliers:

All our eggs are free range, all our milk is organic. Our chocolate, bananas, tea and coffee are Fair Trade

We audit our suppliers to ensure their onward supply chain is sustainable and ethical. Cooks & Partners support the local economy by using local suppliers to lessen the overall carbon footprint of an event. Great emphasis is put on seasonal menus in order to avoid importing out of season fruit and vegetables.

We do not use Genetically Modified (GM) Foods

100% of our fresh meat produce is sourced from within the UK were ever possible.
100% of our fresh seasonal produce is sourced from within the UK were ever possible.
Our meat is supplied to Farm Assured standards, ensuring that the animals are reared to the correct standards.
We only use fish and seafood from sustainable and well-managed fisheries meeting the Marine Stewardship Council Standard.


All offices have recycling bins for plastic, paper, polythene and polystyrene
All toner cartridges are re-cycled
All glass bottles from events and tastings are recycled
Oil and fat is recycled


We insist our suppliers send us no secondary packaging, open boxes and returnable boxes and trays


All staff members are encouraged to cycle to work and
Staff are encouraged where possible to use public transport for site visits, meetings and events

Office systems:

We operate virtually paper free office systems - e-invoicing, e-procurement and e-event administration


Our kitchen equipment operates to the highest legislative standards in terms of emissions

Energy efficiency:

It is Cooks & Partners policy that the lights in all offices should be switched off when the room is empty.

All computers, monitors and other electrical equipment are switched off at the end of the day.

Assured Food Standards
London Bio Packaging
Marine Stewardship Council