Corporate, Event and Private Catering

  • Bespoke menu design and creative presentation
  • We use local British ingredients and nurture independent farmers and artisans which helps reduce our food miles.
  • Ingredients are always fresh and in season for the best flavours.
  • Organic and fair-trade produce are widely featured.
  • Healthy choices are available in each menu, with char-grilling, steaming and poaching being the preferred cooking methods.

The creation of a great menu always starts with a search for the right ingredients - seasonal, regional or with international inspiration. We buy from carefully selected suppliers who are mostly local to minimise food transport miles and our carbon footprint. Many of our suppliers are artisans, who farm and manufacture in traditional ways to ensure the quality of the end product.

Our menus are vibrant, fresh and always appropriate to the occasion, whether a wedding, conference, awards dinner, Christmas party or cocktail party. We offer bespoke menu design and creative presentation whether it is for 20 or 2000 guests. We are constantly innovating and developing our menus. It is our flexibility that has been the cornerstone of our success.

Our style of food can be drawn from anywhere in the world - modern British to rustic Italian; spicy Moroccan to authentic Japanese. Tell us what you want and we will design a menu for you.

We are happy to organise tastings and to propose new styles in china, crockery and table top decorations to complement the food.