Keep Cool with our Fav Iced Drinks

It's our longest heatwave for decades and with the hot weather continuing, what better way to cool down than with an iced drink. Here at Cooks & Partners we love experimenting with not just food but drinks too. Below is a few of our favourites that can be enjoyed whatever time of day it is: Julies Fav Cooler “Mine has to be strawberry lemonade! With British juicy strawberries, freshly squeezed lemon juice topped up with sparkling water and garnished with a sprig of mint its pure summer in a glass. Here are the measurements I use but adjust to taste.” 4-6 lemons, enough to equal 250ml of lemon juice 1 simple strawberry syrup. Pop some strawberries (a punnet should suffice to serve 2) in a ble

The View from The Shard proves the perfect venue for Cisco and MeetingZone’s new product launch

Breakfast menu plays vital role In May, under a clear blue sky, with brilliant sunshine bursting through London’s tallest building, over 100 people attended a breakfast event co-hosted by online collaboration and video conferencing company MeetingZone, and IT giant Cisco. The setting created a perfect futuristic atmosphere for the launch of a new range of products and services, generating huge interest from attendees. There were a series of presentations on the open-air Skydeck on the 72nd floor, with full hands on demonstrations available on the 69th floor. The success of this event was down to the quality and attention to detail “We took great care to make sure we got the food and drink ab

Ingredient of the Month: Kohlrabi

A form of wild cabbage, Kohlrabi is a versatile vegetable that is often overlooked mainly due to its ugly appearance. Bumpy and often green and purple in colour, this cabbage-smelling broccoli tasting vegetable can be used as a great substitute for turnips or a regular cabbage. It can be eaten raw or cooked and used in a number of creative ways. In peak season, we have made this our ingredient of the month. As with all IOM elements, they feature on the café menus and are recommended by our chefs for bespoke menus. Why Do We Love It? Kohlrabi is a massively easy to work with and produces some surprising results. Here are four ways you can prepare it: 1.Enjoy It Raw Imagine the flavour you get

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