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We are very conscious of the legacy our business will leave on the events industry and our wider world.   We work hard to reduce the impact on the environment and we work hard to give back to the community we work within.

Everything starts with the best ingredients with us. Sustainability is central to Cooks & Partners food purchasing policy. We have been using seasonal and artisan produce since we started the business.  We use small companies who understand food, who aim to use local and seasonal produce and who will give us first-rate customer service. We only use ingredients from sustainable sources, particularly form Red Tractor/ Farm assured/ Marine Stewardship Council. 

Our further sustainability compass points are (but by no means an accusative list):

  • We aim to reduce food miles by using local and in season produce; this is visible in our daily changing menu options.

  • We have a working partnerships with Westminster Council to recruit, train and nurture staff with learning disabilities.  

  • We monitor our use of natural resources, both renewable and non-renewable. We work to maximise efficiency in our delivery schedules. Our delivery vehicles dispatching orders from our Central Production Unit are regularly checked.  

  • Recycling is a big thing; we consider how ingredients are packaged in our sourcing choices. We recycle all glass bottles used at events too. 

  • We actively work on reducing food waste; we think cleverly across our sites, delivery service and events to not see our wonderful ingredients fall to the way side. 

  • We annually sponsor charities; often this is through our events, forgoing profit to support the great work of so many charities. Our largest support is for Macmillan in their London Marathon hospitality, close to their finish line. We supply them with over 1,000 celebration lunch bags. 


We are a small company; our values are truly the backbone of how we run our business.

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