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Venue of the month - The William Morris Gallery

This month we chatted to our lovely friends at The William Morris Gallery, Walthamstow. Its been the scene of many a wedding and private party this year; with some of our favorite clients celebrating landmark occasions in their life.

We chatted to the events team to give you a new sense of venue!

Q: Tell us a little of the history of the venue ?

A: The William Morris Gallery is the only public gallery devoted to the life and legacy of William Morris: designer, craftsman, socialist.

Q: What are the points that most people fall in love with about the venue ?

A: The Gallery hosts an incredible collection of William Morris, in the place where he once lived! It is a stunning building with original features and a beautiful park right behind it!

Q: Tell us a little about the type of events that you hold in the venue ?

A: We host many weddings per year, but also host corporate reception drinks when the Gallery is closed, as well as away days for many of our valued corporate clients

Q: What is your favourite secret about the venue?

A: We have an incredible room on the top floor called the Acanthus room, which lends itself perfectly for intimate wedding ceremonies!

Q: What would you love to see the venue used for?

A: For more social events, such as birthday parties, anniversaries!

Q: If you had to tell us three words that most typify the venue: what would they be?

A: Classy, quirky and original

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