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Make your event sing of summer

We have popped together some inspiration for you. From your ‘British Garden Party’ to an ‘Enchanted Meadow’; we’ve got you covered.

Summer season is upon us. It’s time to start thinking, if you haven’t already, about your summer gathering. Interactivity; it’s the word on every summer party planners lips. Alfresco events give our clients an opportunity to shirk the formalities of the grand dining spaces that they opt for in autumn months and embrace the ‘zen’ of their green surroundings.

Does this sound familiar? Food and drink can play a massive part in this. Here are our most requested highlights:

Themed bars

Planning an event often starts with the choice of tipple. We have worked with countless requests; from English sparkling wine meadows to Italian herb gardens serving Aperol spritzes with anti pasti cones.

Choosing a signature drink is often one of the best ways to make an impact from the start of the event.

Grazing canape stations

Passed canapes are elegant and of course they command a VIP presence however we are inundated with requests for grazing stations, particularly canapes set up amongst a visual centrepiece. We have created a quintessentially English garden party menu nestled into a woodland setting and even ‘top your own’ ceviche station this summer already!

The key is to always have guests interacting with their own menu choices.

Dessert stations

Your mind might well jump to a plethora of Pinterest boards on the subject; but there is a place for dessert stations at all events. Much like their savoury counterpart (the grazing canape station depicted above), dessert stations can offer fun interactions between your guests and their food. We love to tuck desserts into seasonal props; wicker picnic baskets, candy striped buckets or even in glass baubles hanging from blossom branches.

We have even created mini versions that our waiters have delivered to the table, serving up a taste of the summer!

Nostalgic desserts

There is something about summer rays that send you right back to your childhood days. Once you’ve got your mind around the price of a ’99 cone’ you’re sent into your summer holiday memories; to cones of candy floss, sherbet dip dabs (that always got sprinkled with sand!) and even to the cold summer pudding domes that came out of your grandmother’s caravan fridge.

We are creatures of habit and dessert is a great place to bring us all together through our shared taste experiences.

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