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English crab and buckets of it

South of England Crab, a brilliant summer ingredient

As the English summer is fully at our feet it’s no surprise that we are lapping up the amount of seasonal produce. From the ruby red strawberries and raspberries, the bright orange of courgette flowers and the muted greens of gooseberries; our veg deliveries are full of colour.

However it’s not just the fields that produce the summer’s bounty! A classic English favourite comes from the summer shores; crab! It’s been synonymous with summer dining for so long; from samphire and broad bean simple salads to a final flourish on scallops with chili clarified butter. Crabs are something of a two-in-one ingredient for chefs, as they contain both light, sweet white meat and the richer brown meat, fantastic used both as a mix and on their own for their own unique flavour qualities.

We source regularly from Salcombe and Dartmouth. It’s a sustainable choice too of course: with brown crab from the south-west rated as a “fish to eat” by the Marine Conservation Society (MCS).

It’s not just the likes of fine dining plates that have been seeing crab as their final flourish. Clients requesting sharing/ feasting nights have also been able to take advantage of the season! Taking inspiration from the New England tradition of the clam bake; serving whole crab alongside corn husks, coal roasted potatoes; and tiger prawns or even alongside yellow and ruby beetroot aioli and courgette ribbon salads and mint leaves.

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