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A love affair with seasonal produce: Sweetcorn

Every month we indulge in one ingredient more than the others. There is always a hero of the market, packing flavour above the rest! Cooks & Partners is dedicated to writing our monthly (café and event venue) menus based on the ingredients that we are in love with, rather than the menus that we know return a GP. We also understand the importance of buying seasonal produce to reduce food wastage.

It might be pie in the sky for some, but it’s a way of life for us. So, with September knocking at the door this month we have spotted our love affair with the humble sweetcorn.

  • FACT: Sweetcorn leaves were used as chewing gum.

  • FACT: An ear of corn always has an even number of rows.

  • FACT: Corn is cholesterol free.

  • FACT: Corn is a 100% whole grain and on average an ear of yellow sweetcorn equals to 86 calories.

Hungry for sweetcorn? Well, it’s available across our retail sites; Hamilton House, Holland Park and Resource for London. Here are our favourite plates:

  • Homemade cornbread + five bean chilli + young spinach + deep south slaw

  • Sweetcorn and chilli chowder + cheddar & chive scone

  • Grilled jerk prawn, pepper and kale burrito + sweetcorn, coriander and mango fire salsa

  • South American spiced toasted English sweetcorn cob + avocado & quinoa salad + sour cream and zested lime

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