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Autumn/winter - a whole new wedding season

Summer weddings; ‘Tis the season after all. Or is it?

The Summer has always been a peak period for weddings and will always be the most popular choice; its the optimism of our summer sunshine, and on the whole this season has proved their faith right.

However, with more and more couples looking for ways to maximise on their day, we see March/April and September/October weddings become a little more of the norm. Often venues offer discounted venue hire in these months, allowing you to use your extra budget on the little touches that perhaps seemed extravagant before. There are other advantages too; in quieter seasons you might find the benefit of other suppliers that are in their quieter period.

Of course English berries and blooming peonies are a tempting feature, but here are our top tips for relishing and late summer/early autumn wedding:

Think of seasonal ingredients

Just because you’re having a wedding doesn't box you into a certain menu. We love the start of autumn for ingredients. Some really bold tastes start to appear - damsons, partridge and pear start to come into play. Autumn often holds favour with feasting menus too, as well as home comforts. There is lots of inspiration to be had in reinventing a couples family supper favourites.

Striking flowers

From delphiniums to hydrangea heads and even the whispy spires of astilbe. Early autumn doesn't have to mean rusts and berries, there is still so much colour to be had in the cutting gardens.

Shorter nights

Dusk arrives faster! This is perfect when you want to make the most the dancing part of your wedding. It always feels a little odd to be dancing in the daylight!

Candlelit memories

Often classic brides fall in love with the idea of candlelight at their ceremony or reception. Its usually only the last few hours that you get to make the most of this. Of course, the cooler nights let the lights shine brighter earlier. We have seen so many lovely tricks; from lanterns leading to toilets and fire places adorned with flickering pillars to tea lights dotted on mirrors. It is certainly a unique atmosphere.

Heavier menus

Lets face it June and July are all about getting into our bikini still. The impact this has on couples choosing lighter menus is amazing (wise they are too). However, with the pull of winter woollies approaching, you can afford to offer a little more indulgence; heavier desserts, pudding wines and ports and those chocolate truffles with coffee that you really shouldn't have.

These are often the months when foodie couples get excited.

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