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Booking a Christmas party? Here is our top suggestions and tips

Starting to think about Christmas? You should!

September is officially the smart event booker’s month; there are still good dates available and at this stage guests are prepared to commit. It’s no longer crazy talk to of winter woollies and mulled wine. All in all, September is the month to sort out your big Christmas event!

Are you a rooky to booking your Christmas party? Then we're here to help!

  1. Location, location, location. True to Kirsty and Phil’s advice, this is top of our list. No matter where your office is, it’s best to choose a central London location. You need to be near a plethora of transport for getting guests home and also a few handy post dinner drink holes for those with stamina.

  2. Think about the numbers. If you’re not sure about your guests list, try choosing a venue that lets you grow. A location with an upstairs and downstairs is brilliant. It means that you have the space for all the partners and the geeks from IT should your reply email box get rammed with RSVPs. Having space to grow into will really take the pressure off and save having to look at different event spaces!

  3. It’s Christmas! So choose a venue that is busting to the seams with the spirit of it! Always try and move away from the chintz and towards the LUXE looks. These will be timeless in your photos floating on twitter when 2018 hits!

Think there is rhyme to our reason? Then you might be interested in our top location.

Have you thought about Icetank? This Christmas escape into another world in the heart of Covent Garden. Immerse yourself in winter forests within the white, neutral interiors, decorated with flickering candles and a glowing fireplace.

Whether an Apres Ski 'supper' or a traditional festive drinks party, Icetank will bring your winter world to life... No suitcases needed!

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