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Conference food trends for September

With the back to school bug wanting to send us all to the stationers, it's conferences that we have in our mind. September is a popular month for AGMs to roll back around. It’s the time to kick start teams after the ‘summer break’ and it’s the final push on targets before the electricity of Christmas shines.

Here are our favourite, and most popular conference food trends hitting our big delegate numbers this September.

  • Cold pressed juice bottles; with everyone’s interest parked in healthy options these are becoming a popular choice for autumn months. We are adding boosts of Vitamin C and Echinacea to keep away the winter blues.

  • Energy kicks; from snack envelopes, energy balls and fruit leathers, our pastry department is seeing the rise for pretty, colourful and guilt-free treats to replace her tempting cakes.

  • Infused waters; we have been seeing a steady rise in tap water requests. Opting to our infusing service rather than the waste creating water bottles. We always love clients who jump onto this green initiative and will promote this wherever we can.

  • Allergy consideration: we now offer a selection of four milks alongside any tea or coffee service and includes plant based alternatives. Gone are the day when these were considered luxuries, these are now staples.

  • Style with budget: We occasionally face the request; “less is more but I want it with style”. Our Delivery Service is happy to oblige where even their simple loaf sandwiches are paired with hand lettered Perspex signs.

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