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It is not too late to make your own edible Christmas gifts

It’s not too late to have a little foodie inspiration in your Christmas gifting. Nothing beats a homemade something or other wrapped in pretty cellophane and tied with ribbon. We have a tendency to go a little overboard with our passion for Christmas crafts and here are our top favourites to busy your weekend with:

Gin and tonic dib dabs

We are avid listeners of the Olive Magazine podcast and couldn’t resist trying these out on our friends. Pretty jar filled with Gin and tonic sherbet is perfect with a little gold pen calligraphy on the outside! With gin still very on trend we are not surprised that these are an office favourite!

Flavoured salts

We love this idea for simple and stylish seasoning. These simple recipes will not only glitz up the ‘herb rack’ but add a extra punch to your smashed avocados with poached eggs. We are quite the fans. Our favourite to try is the lime and ginger.

Gingerbread syrup

We have been serving this at the Icetank throughout the festive season throughout Christmas run. Here is a sneaky peak at where we got the inspiration. We love this splashed with London dry gin, spritzed with tonic and garnished with clementine stars. Gingerbread syrup is so pretty and super easy to make.

Smokey bacon jam

Who said that men’s gifts needed to be grooming ideas or chocolate, this one is super popular with the men in my family. It’s also something that we use all year around, especially with chorizo as the base. Bacon jam is very much worth a try!

Christmas granola

It’s a well-known fact that after the feast comes the guilt. So we think this is a perfect between Christmas and New Year treat, naturally decadent. Again it’s super simple and easy to make in batches. Christmas granola is also a lovely touch if you have guests staying that you can make in advance.

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