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Ingredient of the month: Purple Sprouting Broccoli

Each month we look to the markets to see what’s coming straight from the fields and in its peak. After the winter roots that have filled our Decembers we are very excited to see Purple Sprouting Broccoli punch through the soil. This untidy-looking, colourful cousin of broccoli can be used in much the same way. Leafier and deeper in colour than calabrese, it adds vibrancy and crunch to vegetable dishes. It's a much needed punch of flavour after cold months of carrots, celeriac and parsnips.

Purple Sprouting Broccoli is amazing with asparagus friendly dips such as hollandaise, or indeed anything eggy, but Purple Sprouting Broccoli can take on some really power flavours too.

Our favourite recipes are below for you to try it out yourself.

For your weekend brunch:

For a quick desk lunch:

For your dinner as a side:

Make sure that you check out our cafes for a taste of the above if you need a little more inspiration.


If it's been cut more than a few days previously, those lovely sugars will be reverting to starch, leaving a cabbagey, bitter note. So buy it during the peak of its season, which is essentially now until early April.

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