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Chiswick House appoints Cooks & Partners to their shaken up event caterer listings

Cooks & Partners have joined the list of trusted suppliers for Chiswick House & Gardens, a magnificent west London villa nestled amongst 65 acres of landscaped gardens which has been under the management of the Chiswick House & Gardens Trust since 2005. The site is now an iconic location for private and corporate events from across numerous venue options.

Following a formal tender process, caterers were invited to meet with the venue team to bring to life their documents. Breathing vitality to marketing plans, logistical examples and real life event situations, this was Cooks & Partners chance to shine. The venue team, now under the steer of Sam Glenister-Batey, a board member of Unique Venues of London, were eager to make their mark on the list to create a broader range of caterers, each prioritising a personal service. Several larger juganaught caterers such as Create, Ampersand and Blue Strawberry where removed from their list in favour of smaller more bespoke brands.

Debbie Poulton, Head of Events said, "We are so excited to be added to the Chiswick House supplier list; it’s a venue that we have a real soft spot for. We can’t wait to start planning and designing events in such a beautiful space."

Sam Glenister-Batey, Head of Commercial Activity and Marketing at Chiswick House & Gardens said, "We are delighted to be working with Cooks & Partners as one of our accredited caterers at Chiswick House & Gardens. We selected them because we feel they are a perfect fit for our diverse range of clients. Their unique style and attention to detail caught our eye initially and once we met Debbie and Simon we knew the partnership was going to be a success. We can’t wait to see the Cooks and Partners team in action at our upcoming Wedding Showcase; a brilliant way to kickstart this exciting partnership."

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