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Our new wine list and favorite small suppliers

The suppliers that keep our wine glasses full!

March always brings one of our favourite tasks; our annual wine tasting. For most people, they are fixing up the yearly budget or planning for the following financial year, but we always take a little time out to focus on wine!

We work exclusively with a South London vintner who in turn work with smaller producers, passionate people and total grape aficionados! So here is a quick round up of our top three wines that you’ll see on our wine list.

Australasia | WAIRAU RIVER

Best for: value for money

Phil and Chris Rose were pioneers of the wine industry in this now famous Wairau Valley in Marlborough. Their foresight was recognising the potential for the area’s free draining, stony soil and pure artesian water in 1978.

Home to some of the oldest vines in Marlborough and planted by hand, this is a hands on ‘family’ vineyard with 11 members of the Rose family involved in working the 10 estate vineyards they now own. Wairau River maintains total commitment to quality by carefully managing these vineyards to keep yields low and produce quintessential wines that reflect this prominent region.

FRANCE | Domaine de l’Amandine

Best for: tradtional techniques

Domaine de l’Amandine (translates into almonds) is the product of a traditional, family run vineyard laid out on the terraces and foothills surrounding the village of Séguret. Nestling in the southern Rhône valley, it is classed as one of France’s prettiest villages, between Mont Ventoux and the Dentelles de Montmirail.

The owners, Jean-Pierre Verdeau, along with his son-in-law Alex Suter, are personally involved at every stage of the wine’s making. It is in the vineyard that their quest begins to create wines that are authentic, unique and an expression of the local terroir. The 120 acre vineyards are supervised entirely by the family, using traditional methods that have been handed down the generations.


Best for: bio dynamic wines

The Rivetto family has been established in the Piedmont region since 1902 and it remains very much a family concern to this day. The family own various vineyard sites around the historic town of Alba, which are planted with the famous Nebbiolo grapes that make both classic and modern styles of Barolo. This has been lead by Enrico Rivetto, sole owner of this Piedmont vineyard.

He believes that for wines to be an authentic expression of their territory, it is necessary to trust the vineyard and lead it towards self-regulation. This is why their wine-making is minimalist:and sometimes they think it's better to not take action. They don't use synthetic chemicals for weeds, defence or fertiliser, instead they use natural phyto-fortifiers to stimulate plants' self defence.

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