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Sustainability in our Cafés

Sustainability in our cafes is at the heart of how we do business. Everyone at Cooks & Partners understands the importance of how operating a business can impact negatively on the environment. We take several steps to ensure that these are limited and in some cases eliminated.

All our staff are trained and mindful of their own activities. Some of our strategies and commitments can be found on our published Corporate Social Responsibility Policy page.

Here’s how Cooks & Partners manages sustainability in its cafes with regard to Food and Other Operating Resources.


In all our cafes across London, you will see we make a big deal of seasonal produce. Our chefs know the seasonality of ingredients so that not only are they at their best for our customers but it also helps to reduce wastage. Furthermore we only source our ingredients locally reducing the food miles that ingredients have to travel to reach us. We particularly love working with Red Tractor/ Farm assured/ Marine Stewardship Council.

Every month we look at what ingredients are at their peak. This month it’s Watercress.

Recycling is a big thing; we consider how ingredients are packaged in our sourcing choices. We recycle all glass bottles used at events too.

We actively work on reducing food waste and think clever across our sites, delivery service and events to not see our wonderful ingredients fall to the wayside.

Prefer takeaway coffee? In our cafes we encourage using reusable cups and drinking in.

Other Operating Resources

We take our electricity usage very seriously and have installed LED lighting with sensors on. This ensures lighting isn’t blaring constantly all day long and only when needed.

In terms of flowers, we use locally sourced fresh flowers rather than the plastic type that can’t biodegrade. Its much better for the environment.

Cooks & Partners continually monitors its use of natural resources, both renewable and non-renewable. We work to maximise efficiency in our delivery schedules and route plan accordingly.

We welcome any suggestions on how we can do things better. Get in contact with us today.

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