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Top Drink Picks In 2018

Gin is hot! It’s the must have drink at any party or gathering at the moment. The G&T has gone from classic to hip in record time. Walk into any bar and you will see many a hand wrapped around a large balloon shaped glass filled with a gin based concoction.

Gin has been growing in popularity and the drinks makers have caught on producing a large array of flavoured and coloured gins to appeal to the masses. From elderflower, plum and vanilla to the more obscure unicorn gin, there is something for everyone. Tonics have also advanced. Makers of Fevertree have crafted different tonic waters for different gins. For example, they recommend trying their aromatic tonic water with Pink Gin.

Oh so bitter!

In keeping with the bitter taste, negronis are also popular. A mix of gin, vermouth rosso and Campari finished off with a twist of orange, it's an Italian classic gone mainstream. If this isn’t for you then why not try an Aperol Spritz. A favourite of the Venetians and drunk by many at mid-morning by market traders, this is a mix of Aperol, prosecco sometimes gin and a splash of soda water. Despite being trendy last year we still think this is a great drink to be enjoyed in the summer sun.

Drinks by gender

Not any more! According to Tatler there appears to be a shift towards drinks being officially declared unisex with women able to feel confident about ordering a neat whiskey and men a frozen cocktail.

Juices out, veggies in

Yes you read right! Taking America by storm are cocktails featuring veggies instead of fruit juices. Paired with syrups, veggies have their own unique flavours and can be teamed well with different spirits. Its all about experimenting with different combinations.

Lacking in imagination? Ask the bartender, to get creative. They love the opportunity to produce something unique for their customers. And whilst we aren’t entirely convinced by the veggie cocktail trend, it might be worth giving the Celery Margarita a try:

1.5 oz. tequila blanco

1 oz. celery juice

.75 oz. lime

.25 oz. agave


Esquire have tipped fermented drinks to feature largely on the menu. Some bars are apparently dabbling with kefir, fermented cows milk and kombucha (a fermented tea). Perhaps leave this one to the professionals to prepare rather than trying this at home yourselves!

Just ask Google

Google searches give a good indication of what is popular for home parties. Here are Googles top 10 most searched for cocktails. We think you will agree, it seems the old favourites are still in.

1. Mojito

2. Margarita

3. Old Fashioned

4. Martini

5. Daiquiri

6. Negroni

7. Cosmopolitan

8. Mai Tai

9. Pina Colada

10. Moscow Mule

And if a list of 10 isnt enough for you, Hamish Smith of Drinks International has compiled a list of 50 of the worlds best selling cocktails. Why not give some of these a try?

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