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Energy Boosting Favourites for Summer Meetings

When energy is low, we instinctively reach for that caffeine hit or sweet indulgence to give us the pleasurable energy quick fix we are looking for. However, think again as these are exactly that, a quick fix. Too much caffeine can create the opposite effect, and snacks such as sweet pastries, biscuits and sweets give only a quick pleasure hit, providing a boost in serotonin and spike in blood sugar, before it all comes crashing down, leaving you craving for more sweet things or feeling tired.

This is the last thing you want to happen during the hot summer meetings, where concentration is ever important.

What is required are foods that are high in fibre, rich in protein and complex carbohydrates and we have come up with some delicious healthy and energy boosting snack. Wholesome, home-made, low calorie and high in satisfaction.

Smoothie Bowls

Why not try our fresh smoothie bottles for your next meeting – served in ice filled bowls. The Green (kale, pineapple, cucumber and orange) or the Berry (mixed berry, yoghurt and honey). You can’t help but feel the healthy energy flow.

Cold Pressed Juices

Using raw seasonal vegetable and fruit mixes with zings of ginger, turmeric infusions and chili punches to get those taste buds tingling, giving your body a detoxifying healthy glow.

Protein Granola Bars

Packing a protein punch, full of nuts, seeds, oats and berries, this is the perfect slow releasing energy fuel you need to refocus the mind in your meeting and keep you on top of your game.

Energy Balls

Our energy balls with raw cashew, almond, apricot, cacao and orange are a great alternative. Rich in B vitamins and magnesium to help convert food to energy.

Lemon Water

High in vitamin C and traditionally used to boost the immune system, lemon water is also a great option to have if you are feeling hungry. Thirst is often mistaken for hunger, so a glass of this will not only help provide a healthy glow and ward off the summer cold, it will also help stop you over indulging. Check out BBCGoodFood to find out more

Why not try our Energy Boost Breakfast for your next meeting and get in touch for our delivery service menus…

Kale, pear and apple smoothie shots (vg)(gf)

Energy ball (Raw cashew, almond, apricot, Cacao, orange) (vg)(gf)

Overnight apple oat pots (v)(gf)

Protein booted flap jack bar wrapped in parchment (v)

Ultimately, it is thought that smart snacking not only improves your day-to-day function, but it can be part of the longer term plan for a healthier life overall. There are lots more great ideas at EverydayHealth.

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