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The View from The Shard proves the perfect venue for Cisco and MeetingZone’s new product launch

Breakfast menu plays vital role

In May, under a clear blue sky, with brilliant sunshine bursting through London’s tallest building, over 100 people attended a breakfast event co-hosted by online collaboration and video conferencing company MeetingZone, and IT giant Cisco.

The setting created a perfect futuristic atmosphere for the launch of a new range of products and services, generating huge interest from attendees.

There were a series of presentations on the open-air Skydeck on the 72nd floor, with full hands on demonstrations available on the 69th floor.

The success of this event was down to the quality and attention to detail

“We took great care to make sure we got the food and drink absolutely spot on. We wanted the culinary experience to reflect the high profile, professional nature of the event. Working with Jenny Scruton and her excellent team at Cooks and Partners, made this really easy”, commented MeetingZone’s Head of Digital Marketing Rob Kenny.

“Choosing the breakfast menu was crucial and Jenny helped us make sure there was something for everyone. The food was beautifully presented and the service was excellent”, he added.

Working in such a tall venue is always a challenge. The planning and experience Cooks & Partners have from their previous Shard experiences, ensured everything was in place.

Jenny adds “We were fully aware of the importance of this launch event for Meeting Zone and wanted to ensure that those attending had the right mix of visually enticing and delicious breakfast options that were easily eaten due to the networking nature of this event. Presentation was key, so it is a delight to know that our offering has worked so well, and working with Meeting Zone has been a pleasure.”

Taking MeetingZone’s brand to another level

Co-hosting with Cisco – one of the biggest brands on the planet, in a world famous iconic venue, positions MeetingZone as a global brand of stature. The quality of the food and the professionalism in its planning and delivery, played a vital role in this overall success.

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