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Coffee is a big deal to us - especially its freshness! Here is how we get that great tasting coffee

The quality and freshness of our coffee is paramount to us at our cafés across London. That’s why we only use the finest blends brought to you from British maker Ferns - part of the 2468 group.

Crafting coffee since 1893, Ferns began as a modest warehouse in Covent Garden. Over 125 years they have honed their blending and roasting skills which bring you the perfect cup of coffee which we serve every day in our cafés.

The Roasting

Roasted to order, Ferns coffee is always as fresh as it can be coming straight from their roastery in Basingstoke. This is one of the main reasons Cooks & Partners choose them to supply our coffees.

All mixes, are blended and hand roasted ensuring quality is never compromised.

Watch the Inside Ferns video for further details.

Whole Beans

Sourced from around the world, the finest Arabica and Robusta coffee beans are combined by the Ferns experts so we can bring our café customers the Sassetta Latte, Decaffeinated Cuppa and Sassetta Espresso that we and you know and love.

Fair Trade

Fair Trade and ethically sourced products is very important to us here at Cooks & Partners. It's something the Ferns brand also shares a passion for with its beans from Brazil, Columbia and Sumatra regions.

Our coffee blends truly speak for themselves shown in the hundreds of weekly return visiotrs to our cafés. They by-pass the big boy brands of the mainstream high street and head straight for us. Need we say any more than that. So if you haven’t visited one of our cafés, pop in, order a coffee and sit back and enjoy. Let us know what you think – we always welcome feedback via one of our social platforms or just speak to a member of staff.

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