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WOW scary stuff… Cooks & Partners caters at the immersive premiere of The Nun at Brompton Cemete

Image credited to Nomad Cinema

The new – and darkest – chapter in the Conjuring segment was screened at Brompton Cemetery. Yes scary times... a horror film in a cemetery in the pitch black after hours, what could go wrong?

Guests at the screening were promised a terrifying immersive experience through the use of theatrical production sound, lighting and live demonstrations from rampant demonic nuns. Yes real life demonic nuns! The evening’s attendees included devoted horror fans who had won competitions to attend and an array of celebrities from the showbiz world. It’s safe to say all guests were eagerly anticipating a night full of suspense and inevitably lots of screaming.

While undergoing immersive experiences from the entrance of the cemetery to the screening itself, guests were invited to help themselves to refreshments from the bar. Being an evening full of horror as expected, red wine seemed to be a popular tipple amongst guests.

Next point of call was of course pre-film dinner; two themed food stations served popular delectable grub which included aged beef burgers with Monterey jack cheeses and twice-fried sweet potato fries and Sussex pumpkin and Shropshire Blue cheese risotto with roasted pecans and rosemary. Guests then found their seats while eagerly anticipating the beginning of the screening of “The Nun”. In typical cinema fashion, guests all were provided with popcorn to enjoy.

The film finished and guests were feeling elated after what they had just experienced. Guests were under the impression the immersive experience had ended, how wrong they were. As guests departed the soiree, demonic nuns jumped out from the hidden darkness to further fright the unsuspecting. Overall the night was a massive success and “The Nun” was shone in all its horror glory.

The link that follows shows highlights of the premiere;

Rachel Morrison, Managing Director of Nomad Cinema said, “The Nomad Cinema has screened in Brompton Cemetery for many years but were asked to engage in a specific Cinematic bespoke screening for a leading film distributer. Engaging with the Cooks and Partners Team was effortless and their ability to adapt to situations - as with any event- was impressive. The food that was delivered was on the mark and to the clients taste and I would have no worries in recommending Ryan and the team again to any of our high end clients.”

Cooks & Partners love working at the quirky and historic Brompton Cemetery and would welcome the opportunity to discuss your event requirements. Please contact us on or we invite you to call our office on 0207 731 5282.

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