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Raw Sweet Treats - Fresh, Clean & No Bake Time!

Raw Sweet Treats

Thinking about eating healthier lately? Perhaps you are on the Christmas slim down diet in which many embark on a healthy eating stint to get ready for the mammoth amount of food and drink consumed over the Christmas period. Or maybe you are just sick of waiting and hoping that your baked treats will turn out well and not be worthy of just the bin!? Whatever your reason, have you ever considered raw vegan sweet treats? With fresh clean ingredients, no bake time and little waiting time what other reasons do you need to give some of the below ideas a whirl?

And don’t be put off by the ‘V’ word. Only a few weeks ago, Channel 4s Bake Off devoted a whole episode to vegan baking, demonstrating that vegan food isn’t boring and in fact with the right substitutions, can be just as tasty as traditional dishes.

Your Store Cupboard

Staples for your store cupboard for raw sweet treats should include:

- a good coconut oil

- raw cacao

- nut butter

- nuts

- fruit (fresh or frozen will suffice).

To get you started

Here are a few of the Cooks & Partners favourites. Give them a try and let us know what you think.

Image credits: Those websites linked above.

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