Calling all Vegan Leek Soup lovers!

In the spirit of Veganuary and our chosen Ingredient of the Month - check it out here - we asked the chefs to create their favourite version of the infamous leek soup.


To make this fabulous vegan soup, you’ll need the following ingredients:

2 chopped and cleaned leeks – see leek cleaning and prep here

2 peeled and cubed potatoes

2 peeled and chopped carrots

2 diced celery sticks

1 diced shallot onion

2tbs or a generous glug of olive oil

1 bay leaf

White pepper powder


Vegetable stock


  1. Heat the olive oil in a pan and sweat the carrots, celery and shallot onion for 5 minutes

  2. Next, add the leeks and sweat for a further 3 minutes

  3. Finally, add the potatoes

  4. As the vegetables start to soften, cover with vegetable stock and add the bay leaf, white pepper powder and salt to taste

  5. Lower the heat and simmer until vegetables can be cut with a butter knife

  6. Remove the bay leaf, then blend the mixture until smooth. You can add leftover vegetable stock to reach the desired consistency

Chef’s tip

To garnish your dish, julienne leftover leeks and lightly fry, gently place the crispy strips on top of the soup and add a circular drizzle of olive oil, best served with warm bread and salted rapeseed oil.

Learn more about leeks in our Ingredient of the Month post

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