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Wellington Arch strikes again

19th –century memorial arch, Wellington Arch

Standing proud on the adjoining corners of Hyde Park and Green Park is an unsuspecting venue space within the 19th –century memorial arch, Wellington Arch.

Cooks & Partners had the privilege of catering to 20 guests for an intimate evening of canapes and chilled white wine.

The guests, gathered for an English Heritage venue showcase, enjoyed a variety of canapes throughout the reception. Vegetarians could choose from our delicate crispy flatbread with carrot puree and pickled vegetables which were served on our novelty tree bark, or the ever-popular tapioca crisp with smoked and candid aubergine and dried mushroom power.

Meatier options included the likes of spiced crispy Gresham duck salad with chilli wonton shards presented on white tear drop spoons and our oak smoked ham, truckle cheddar, red onion and maple glazed lollipops which were a treat for the eyes!

Lest not forget an all-time favourite, seeded blinis with cured smoked salmon, sour cream and capers were on the menu too.

While canapes were devoured, glasses were kept charged with our delicious house white wine¸ Inzolia Chardonnay Di Sicillia II Paradosso, and for those driving we offered tasty fizzy elderflowers garnished with fragrant sprigs of fresh mint.

To the relief of our guests, the forecasted snow held off and the end of the evening saw everyone leaving well-fed and socialised, a successful event through and through.

Crispy flatbread with carrot puree and pickled vegetables served on our novelty tree bark

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