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Take the Panic out of your Picnic

Picnic hampers by Cooks & Partners

So, apart from the winds of recent days, we have been lucky enough to have a few warmer days, and spring and summer are on the horizon. Bank holidays are around the corner, Easter holidays, days out, sporting events, suddenly they are all upon us and we are keen to be outside and making the most of it.

“So, what about the food?” we hear you cry. Sharing and picnics, it’s all about social feasting and we have a few super ideas to spark your imagination.

Hire a Picnic Hamper – try our folding matt grass hampers.

Unpack your picnic, fold down the hamper and hey presto you have a picnic matt! Stuffed full of your favourites from savoury spinach, kale and ricotta rolls handily wrapped in parchment to mason jars packed full of our tasty Italian pasta salad.

If you are looking for something disposable then we have great solutions – hat boxes and recycled cardboard carry boxes making it easy to pick up and carry about and dispose of afterwards. All cutlery, napkins and plates are disposable and environmentally friendly.

Super twists to some of our favourites

Here at Cooks & Partners we have some delicious picnic menus and we often love a twist on the traditional. We love a scotch egg, but the Broad bean and minted pea Scotch egg makes for a super summery alternative.

Add a touch of luxury with our Charcuterie Box: Pork Salami with pepper, Salami Ventricina, Chorizo. Add to this our Anti pasti box with chargrilled artichokes, Sundried tomatoes, Black olives with smoked garlic. Put a twist on this and we have an easy-to-pick-up antipasti skewer. Try this at home with similar recipe.

Theme your menu

With so many international cuisines gracing our tables, it’s hard not to feel the influence.

Keeping with an Italian them you may like to try our stuffed Italian focaccia – perfect for tearing and shearing.

And we love these vegan burritos - Burritos with black beans, sweetcorn and quinoa. A colourful, vegan burrito recipe, packed full with tomatoes, black beans, sweetcorn, lime, coriander, avocado and red chilli. Quick and easy to make in 30 minutes a perfect for picnics.

Olive magazine: black bean burrito

Image credit to Olive Magazine

Fresh or sparkling; Drinks are an important must

Nothing screams summer and fun days out more than our refreshing coolers. Served from flip top glass bottles Cooks & Partners have thirst quenchers to tingle any palate. Some are tangy, some fruity and some fresh and minty but all are delicious!

Try a Watermelon, lime and ginger cooler or Fresh lemon, mint and pomegranate and our home-made gooseberry and mint lemonade topped off with fresh mint is a must.

Why not try this Rhubarb ginger cooler recipe for yourselves.

Looking for something alcoholic? We have some awesome British wines at present. From our sparkling vegan wines – Blanc de Blanc Special Cuvee, Bluebell Vineyard, Sussex, UK. This vibrant Blanc de Blancs uses the estate`s best Chardonnay grapes slowly matured to capture a crisp citrus palate, preceded by aromas of quince, brioche and elderflower. Perfect for a sunny day.

Top of the list for delicious and practical – premade cocktails are the way to go! The contessa is one we’ve come across – it’s like a summery version of a negroni. Lightening this up is the orangey Aperol and dry vermouth.

Kids hampers packed with a healthy punch

Staying away from those sausage rolls and ham and cheese sandwiches or simply adding some variety, we still want to try and get something healthy into our kids. We have some great ideas to spark their interest.

Picnic dip jars are a great snack and packed full of flavour. You can choose your dips, but some firm favourites include Roast pepper and Almond and Pea Guacamole or opt for a simple minted yoghurt to dip the freshest vegetable batons into.

Broccoli and goats cheese muffins – a hit with the kids or why not try the Mac & cheese lunch box muffin. Check out this recipe.

All our picnics and freshly prepared using the freshest seasonal ingredients. Our menus are well balanced to offer variety and interest as an important part of your great day out and we’ll happily create a bespoke menu for you.

So, whether it’s a festival themed wedding, an open air theatre in the park, a kids picnic party or a sporting events such as the polo or Henley Regatta why not give us a bell to take the panic out of your picnic and let us do all the hard work for you?

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