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Super easy food delivery

The last three months have been tremendously busy, delivering catering to clients in some of London’s most prestigious buildings, including The Shard.

We don’t just offer standard delivery service though, rather concentrating on a high class offering and presentation to suit many occasions. Our sustainability credentials are a key focus too – by using only seasonal produce that has been sustainably and locally sourced and without a disposable in sight to reduce our waste at each event.

From early morning breakfasts to full day meetings requiring all-day grazing stations or VIP board meetings, we cater for all eventualities.

You can kick start your day with an Energy Boost Breakfast including kale, pear and apple smoothie shots and protein boosted flap jack bars and overnight apple oat pots or our Granola Station works perfectly for those seeking a healthy kick.

If you are looking for a little extra sustenance to keep your guests energised throughout the day then take a look at our all day grazing options from Energy Balls to Healthy Snack Jars and home-made chocolate bark.

Styling is a key feature of our delivery service. Of course you may wish to order a simple sandwich lunch with artisan cut breads, or full two course fork buffet, however why not upgrade to one of our styled menus? Food is presented using rustic crates, terracotta plates, wooden boards and coloured ceramics to suit the menu and even the venue. This, along with styled menu signage and wooden or Perspex raisers creates appeal. Easy to assemble and finished with fresh herb pots and succulents to create a naturally pretty tablescape.

If you need a little help then our super friendly and professional staff will set up, serve and clear away at the end.

Watch this space for our new menus due to hit my desk at any moment. We’ll have some exciting additions and options to tingle your taste buds. Get in touch and we’ll send these through.

Always in season, freshly prepared and packed full of flavour. Sustainably sourced from field to fork!

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