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Happy Place Festival | Joyful Food

We were chosen to be the caterer at Fearne Cotton’s Happy Place Festival at Chiswick House: with such a cluster of headline speakers and a mass of mindfulness devotees its hard to be inspire.

We looked after the Happy Place VIP area, based in the exclusive surroundings of Chiswick House itself. Guests were treated to Watermelon, Lime and Ginger coolers from milk bottles alongside an all vegan menu featuring hand wrapped sushi, sumac babaganoush cones and poppy seed biscuits with tomato jelly and leek custard. Delish! After their vegan bites they where welcomed by Fearne to the amazing Grade 1 listed building with a private talk before they explored the festival site further.

Our VIP cohort wandered out to experience the talk stage (set out to empower and inspire) the creative workshops (to discover new passions) and the scented pilates zone too!

As avid listeners to the Happy Place podcast it was so exciting to be involved. It’s such a pleasure to see guests and clients starting to become more mindful of their decision and conscious of their choices.

At the risk of sounding like groupies; this mindful approach rang true with us as it's been in our company’s DNA since it’s conception. Our mission has always been making events that taste good whilst being aware of our ingredient choice and aware of the legacy our decisions make.

So here’s our top tips for joyful food. Aka How to bring a little slice of Happy Place to your event

Nuturious meals: A balanced menu really is the answer to sustained energy throughout the day. This is such an important point in daytime events; if your expecting a guest to stay energised through out the day your menu must sustain them!

A mindful approach to packaging: Be mindful of single use plastics even if you think they are the answer!

Holistic approach to ingredient choice: an embrace of powerful plants! Beyond a fady trend, the request for plant-based menus is commonplace. Simply from providing plant-based milks with our espresso bars or the hearty Buddha bowls that we serve. Plants are often the answer! The rise of vegan menus as an eco conscious choice has been dramatic this year, it seems set to stay too!

Make sure there are bits of your event that you love: if there are your endorphins will spread positivity from the moment a guest arrives! If you don’t believe in it don’t do it.

Don’t follow the herd: remember that you sit in a demographic too; if you would rather spend your evenings at home but are happy to get up early then your clients might too. Just because your event has always been a certain way, doesn’t mean it always has to.

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