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Venue spotlight: Lancaster House

Every month we love to throw the spotlight on a venue that we love. Its always a lovely opportunity for us to share with you the reasons that we love the site and give you an idea of how events work in the space.

This month we divulge the reasons for our love affair with Lancaster House: A glamourous events venue owned and run by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. The Grade 1 listed building is full of impeccably looked after regal detailing, from gilt frescos to dangling chandeliers. It is

no wonder that the venue is chosen as the filming location for ‘The Crown’ and other regal dramas sighting the Music Room as the interior of Buckingham Palace.

The venue is available for exclusive hire as well as singular room hire. They host a humongous variety of events from presidents’ dinners to charity gala balls and ‘society’ events.

The venue, designed to host events, operationally offers lots of opportunities for clients. They are not governed by the regulations of conservators! They can offer a more relaxed approach to their museum and gallery counterparts, who need to enforce regulations on food and drink. A great advantage when clients are searching for a historic site. Of course, they request care and preservation of the building, but this does not have the same food and drinks restrictions that other sites might.

Other plus points of considering the venue include;

· Heighten security presence

· Established team of event mangers

· Outdoor space

· Lesser know ‘events venue’ with associated positive uplift in invite acceptance

If you would like to hear more, please contact our event mangers on 0207 731 5282.

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