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Autumn styling.

We understand that event styling centres around your venue choice and event focus. However, everyone needs a place to start, a port of inspiration or simply a trigger to something in your memory bank. So here goes; three styling ideas we love that you might consider for your event.

Blush, rose gold, pampas and marble

Image one | Festival Brides

Image two | Sheer Ever After

Image three | Eat Boutique

Image four | Inga K B

Moss, wood, amber and slate

Image one | Deer Pearl Flowers

Image two | Feasting at Home

Image three | Aisle Perfect

Image four | Beth Helmsetter

​​​​Deep purple, gold, jewel tones and greens

Image one | Love Inc.

Image two | Aisle Society

Image three | Pink Diamond Events

Image four | Our unique wedding

Are you in need of delicious food with a styling story ? Our team would love to have the chance to work with you. We are experienced in a host of unique London venues as well as working in client’s offices or private residences. Call one of our event managers to find out more on 0207 731 5282.

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