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Autumn venues.

We know that lovely lawns and beautiful gardens are no longer top of the check list. Instead we are hoping to tempt you with cosy charm and bountiful warm and quirky venues.

Whether you’re keen to make sure you know all the places where we work, or if you’re in need of some specific venue advice we hope the below offers you a new look at autumn/winter.

Amber Lakes

You might be under the impression that this out of London venue might be put in the summer box. Renowned for its surrounding green field sites and fishing lakes, the venue also has a permanent Lodge structure at the centre of the site. The cosy wooden lodge is available for hire throughout the year for events overlooking the ‘great outdoors’ without having to brave it. The lodge offers an exclusive VIP feel with sweeping gravel driveways and grand high ceilings. Amber lakes works well for VIP away days or meetings (Up-to 250) . It’s also an amazing space requiring simply event lighting to make you feel you’ve entered into an apres ski hot spot; autumn/ winter in a nutshell. !

Lancaster House

This is a venue we have written a feature on recently as our Venue of the Month. Lancaster House sits in a collection of our historic venue sites. The house, owned and operated by The Foreign and Commonwealth office, is one of the most opulent and beautifully cosy venues we know. (Not cosy in the sense of snuggling up in your sitting room but in the sense of being surrounded by opulence and decadence.

The venue operates ‘exclusive’ or single room hire with a maximum capacity of 350.

(Read more about the venue in our most recent blog post)

Household Cavalry Museum

The smallest of our selection but my no means any less weighty of an opportunity.

Set in the heart of Westminster, the Household Cavalry Museum is a great suggestion for intimate events. They can host drinks receptions up-to 100 guests and private dining for up to 32. The venue itself is a working visitor attraction (still building its reputation on the tourist circuit so it’s bound to offer something new to Londoner’s) and offers a unique opportunity to drink alongside a floor to ceiling window looking directly into the working Household Cavalry stables.

The venue offers the opportunity to have tours too with the dynamic Museum Director which we thoroughly recommend, which adds another level of engagement.

Does one of these venues sound like it might suit ? Our team would love to have the chance to work with you. We are experienced in a host of unique London venues as well as working in client’s offices or private residences. Call one of our event managers to find out more on 0207 731 5282.

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