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Bang on with the Beetroot

Another month and another featured ingredient and for September we are banging on about the health and taste benefits of the humble, yet amazing Beetroot!


Although a staple salad favourite since the 1970’s, then normally cooked and pickled in vinegar, beetroot has steadily been gaining popularity in recent years as not only a major superfood but also as a much loved and flavoursome addition to many a tasty dish or even starring as the main ingredient in some cases! With it’s distinctive, earthy, rich, sweet flavour and vibrant colour, the humble beetroot lends itself to a variety of both sweet and savoury dishes, modern and traditional.

Beetroot has been around since the 1500’s appearing in both Germany and Italy and in its earliest recorded form it resembled more of a parsnip, although obviously red and purplish in colour but beets weren’t always a deep red colour! Beets in Greek and Roman times were either black or white, as opposed to the red, white, and yellow varieties available today. Worldwide consumption of beets didn’t occur until they were recognized as being one of the few vegetables that grew well in the winter. Soon, they became a staple food in north-eastern Europe.

Health Benefits

Beetroot is rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, fibres, iron, folate, and contain low calories. They are also rich in potassium, manganese, and antioxidants. Apart from being packed full of nutrients, the amazing beetroot is also believed to help regulate blood pressure, aid digestive health, regulate blood sugar, improve anaemia, fight against inflammation, improve brainpower and assist in overall detoxification. We also use ‘Golden Beetroot’ which is sweeter than the humble red beet and pairs well with sweet balsamic glazes. Despite a difference in color, the two beets are essentially the same when it comes to nutritional value, and both add plenty of essential vitamins and minerals to your diet. We also use golden beetroot a lot, salt baked, to intensify the flavor.

Our Favourite Beetroot Recipes

Beetroot is such a versatile vegetable that can be used in a myriad of ways, from high end beef carpaccio dishes to beautiful beetroot and goat’s cheese tartlets to tangy and zesty salads but below are four of Cooks & Partners favourite beetroot recipes or if you are feeling lazy, why not pop into one of our three stunning cafés and see what culinary delights our team have put together using Beetroot this September!

Top Tips

  • Choose small or medium-sized beetroots that are firm, smooth-skinned, uniform in

  • size, and rich in colour.

  • Avoid beet skins that are bruised, shrivelled, or flabby.

  • Avoid selecting giant beet roots as they will contain less flavour and be quite fibrous.

  • Choose organic when possible.


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